Houman Omidifar
Photo By Fabrice Strippoli

Entrepreneur and designer Houman Omidifar, founder and creator of LUZ Jewelry, specializes in intricate and one-of-a-kind fine jewelry. Notoriously driven, Houman was born into a family of jewelers. The influences of his schooling in the Swiss Alps and South of France, Cote d’ Azur are evident in his designs. “I am creating something which is unique, daring and striking” says Houman. “I wanted to present a sense of romance with a somewhat debauched, undercurrent.” He smiles mischievously. Dream maker and showman Houman is also a superb technician, having studied at George Browns Art School, one of the top technical schools in North America.
Since graduating, Houman moved to the quintessential and European influenced island of Nantucket. Used as secret getaway by celebrities, CEOs and political figures, Houman began his jewelry making career in his attic with only a $1,000.00 of savings (a stark contrast to Houman and LUZ empire that we see today). Knowing who he was and what he wanted to become, Houman set his eyes on the illustrious Platinum Guild competition. Whilst competing with multimillion corporations, Houman was announced a Platinum Guild Award Winner for his challenging handcrafted and unique platinum submission.
Now with a history for producing custom designed jewelry, Houman’s name is synonymous with his elaborate four-sided rings, LUZ. Striking and made-to-order, each ring is ergonomically designed specifically for your hand. The indentations on each side of the ring follow the contours of the surrounding fingers. This fusion of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology has produced a four-sided piece of couture, which fits effortlessly onto your finger.

The custom-design jewelry is made for both men and women. “When I design men’s rings or men’s bracelets, I keep in mind what I would like to wear” confesses Houman. “The options for men have been limited. I wanted to provide men with a way to express themselves in a sophisticated and luxury manner, taking the men’s jewelry, men’s ring, men’s bracelet genre to an unprecedented level.

Houman is renowned for consistently pushing the boundaries and challenging the norm. Now residing in San Diego, California, Houman’s passion is plain and infectious as he describes the allure of his latest creation, LUZ. “Put simply, my gut says that there is nothing else out there like this. LUZ cannot be denied”.