Happy Birthday!

Dear friends and fans,

Here we are in February 2012 and it seems like it was just yesterday that everything got started.

You see month of February is a very special month for me and it has been a great milestone every year for the LUZ Jewelry Collection.

It was in Feb 2006 that LUZ Collection was born with only 4 styles on hand. The launch was very successful and from that first event it started to receive tremendous amount of attention. From there I was introducing a new style (Emotion) every month and had hundreds of fans waiting to see what the next emotion in the story is.

In Feb 2007 the collection was complete and the love story was told with the introduction of its 12th emotion.

In Feb 2008 I did our first launch and show at Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas where the LUZ Jewelry got displayed.

In Feb 2009 LUZ was in Coral Gables as well as Las Vegas.

By Feb 2010 LUZ Jewelry had been on the cat walks of Miami, Los Angeles and New York Fashion week and was featured in more than 500 Magazines, Blogs, Articles, Billboards, Events, shows and Celebrities .

In Feb 2011 we launched our new website www.luzstyle.com  with interactive pictures and videos and full E-Commerce.

Now today I like to announce our new milestone which I am very excited to share with you. As of This Friday Feb 10th 2012 The LUZ Collection will also be displayed in the Precious Jewelry department at Neiman Marcus in Tampa Bay Florida. Selected styles  for men and women including engagement rings,  wedding bands and bracelets in 18k White Gold and 18k Yellow Gold will be available.

I like to again thank everyone from friends, family and fans to staff, clients and supporters, for their support and sharing this journey with me since Feb 2006 and believing in my creation and vision. I am looking forward to be sharing with you the new designs that I have been working on and preparing for this year.

Thank you again,

Happy Valentines,

All the best,


Men’s Wedding Bands Advice

Finding men’s wedding bands is not as perplex as finding your mate for life, yet it’s important to decide on a product befitting to a man’s lifestyle and tastes.  After all, he’ll be wearing the token of love for a long time to come.  Seasoned experts agree; there is no scientifically-sound formula aiding those in need.  Finding men’s wedding bands is a subjective task, susceptible to budget, individual taste, and immediate variety.  Below are a few initial suggestions to keep in mind.

Day-to-Day Wear

To begin, be practical regarding searching for men’s wedding bands.  For instance, consider a man’s career.  Does he do heavy labor?  Does he work with his hands all day?  Will his career or immediate position influence the daily condition of the ring?  Will the ring influence the man’s ability to address his job?  Most men want to wear their ring on a daily basis, yet particular men’s wedding bands may be too delicate to wear while performing heavy labor.  Is the gentleman okay with taking a delicate ring on and off each day?  Is the possibility of a lost or stolen ring worth the risk?

In addition to work, a man’s social activities may pose an inconvenience to ring wearing.  Weight lifting, sports, and other forms of exercise may limit the amount of time the ring is worn or create an impediment to normal play.

Women’s Influence

Most men want to satisfy their ladies regarding chosen men’s wedding bands.  It’s flattering men want to make their ladies happy, yet it’s important for the male to choose something he will truly like.  In addition, it’s important for women to be supportive but not pushy.  Women have a good eye for jewelry and often want to help men, yet the process often results in men settling for something they would not have chosen themselves.  Unless a couple decides on matching wedding bands, it’s best to give a man some freedom in choosing his own ring.

Choice of Metal

Men’s wedding bands are manufactured using a variety of metals including gold, silver, and platinum.  Each metal has idiosyncratic properties, aligning pros and cons with each choice, yet it’s important for the man to choose something truly appealing to him.  For instance, titanium is the hardest natural metal available, yet it often cannot be resized.  Additionally, gold is often the most popular choice for men, yet associated price tags may get expensive depending on the chosen carat.

More Research

It’s suggested to do more research on men’s wedding bands before approaching a vendor for a purchase.  There are wide varieties of selections.  Read about available metals and then consider a few styles as you get closer to making a decision.  Don’t disregard online vendors.  Those selling men’s wedding bands online often present lower prices due to the circumvention of physical store costs such as rent, utilities, and worker salaries.

Say “I Do” to Wearable Art

Every couple’s love is one of a kind. Yet, traditional engagement rings all look the same. Why not proclaim your commitment to your significant other with a wearable art piece that is as intricate and unique as the love you share for one another? Let every twist and turn that makes up the signature detail of a LUZ engagement ring represent the journey of your lives together. Ergonomically designed with three interlocking bands, the ring is made to fit on anyone’s finger as naturally and seamlessly as the person fits into your world.


Here are some tips for popping the question before you get down on one knee:


  • Be prepared. Of course you want your significant other to say “yes,” so it’s important to test the waters by mentioning the possibility of marriage before you propose. Make sure it’s a step that you both want to take, and speak to any necessary friends or family members (only those who can keep a secret!) before making the engagement official. Because the engagement ring is such a big part of the proposal, be prepared by choosing a piece of wearable art that is as unique as the person you are presenting it to.


  • Make sure it’s a surprise. Even people who claim they don’t like surprises will be thrilled with a proposal when they least expect it; there’s something about the element of surprise that makes popping the question to your unsuspecting other half even more exciting. Consider choosing a location that has personal meaning so the occasion is extra memorable.


  • Find the right ring. Yes, the engagement is about uniting as one, but let’s be honest – everyone loves to show off their new shiny diamond rings to their friends, family members, and just about anyone else willing to take a look. That’s why it’s so important to choose wearable art that reflects the person’s individual style as well as the love both partners share for each other. Give your significant other a custom-made piece worth showing off by choosing something from our LUZ collection. We also have men’s wedding bands that are equally as unique and stylish.

About LUZ By Houman

LLUZ Enigma RingsUZ by Houman, redefining fine jewelry.
The LUZ fine jewelry collection is a piece of wearable art that you can conveniently display and enjoy on your finger. Custom made for the individual the unisex line is boldly making its mark. At a glance, an intense level of intricacy and an ergonomically designed four-sided ring is a sure give-away of a LUZ piece. Designed by Houman, the intrepid designer is revolutionizing and upping the stakes within the luxury jewelry world.

Launched in February 2006, LUZ is a twelve-part love story like no other, with new twists being unveiled each month over the course of a year. LUZ fans eagerly clamored to discover the unfolding developments of the LUZ story.
Far from being a ‘Cupids and Arrows’ story, LUZ expresses the realities of life and the emotions experienced when falling in and out of love. LUZ is a tangible expression of each complex emotion. Every line, curve and gemstone is purposefully placed to depict its intended emotion. Houman proudly introduces the: LOVE ring, followed inevitably by CHEAT, BREAKUP, ALONE, ANGER, and transforming the story to optimism through SECRETS, FLIRT, LUST, OBSESSION, ONE, ENIGMA and finally culminating with the LUZ (meaning light in Spanish) engagement set. LUZ Engagement SetAll love stories should have a happy ending and LUZ is no exception.

The collection consists of rings, as well as bracelets, necklaces, chains and cufflinks. Featuring intricate patterns and flowing beds of filigree, the pieces are richly embellished with pave-set white and black diamonds and rubies and are available in Platinum, 18K White or 18k Yellow Gold, and Sterling Silver. LUZ Lust CufflinksThe exclusive luxury purveyors of LUZ are select Neiman Marcus stores, i.e. Las Vegas and of course, the LuzStyle website.
With CAD technology at hand, and a skilled team of master craftsman, the intricate nature of this and each of Houman’s collections is made possible. It is his personal goal to bring even the most difficult creations to life. Each piece takes up to six weeks to produce. LUZ is the most unique unisex jewelry brand to hit the industry in quite sometime, and the intricate designs are rapidly growing in popularity and demand.

About Houman

Owner as well as designer Houman Omidifar, organizer and creator of LUZ Jewelry, specializes in complex and one-of-a-kind fine jewelry. Infamously motivated, Houman has been born into a family of jewelers. All the impacts of his training from the Swiss Alps and also South of France, Cote d’ Azur are obvious in his creations. “I I’m creating something that is exclusive, daring as well as striking” affirms Houman. “I wanted to present a feeling of love using a somewhat debauched, undercurrent.” He smiles mischievously. Dream maker and showman Houman is also a fantastic technician, having studied at George Browns Art College, one of the leading specialized colleges in North America.

Since graduating, Houman gone to live in the quintessential and European inspired island of Nantucket. Used as hidden retreat by stars, CEOs and political figures, Houman commenced his jewelry making career in his attic with just a $1,000.00 of savings (a huge contrast to Houman and LUZ empire that we see currently). Knowing just who he was and also exactly what he desired to become, Houman set his eyes for the illustrious Platinum Guild competition. While competing with multimillion corporations, Houman was announced a Platinum Guild Award Winner for his complex handcrafted and different platinum design.
With a background for creating bespoke designed jewelry, Houman’s name is symbolic of his elaborate four-sided rings, LUZ. Dazzling and custom made, each ring is ergonomically developed specifically for your finger. The indentations on either side of the ring follow the curves of the surrounding fingers. This kind of blend of design and state-of-the-art technology has created a four-sided piece of couture, which fits effortlessly onto your finger.

The LUZ jewelry is made for both males and females. “When I design men’s rings or men’s bracelets, I keep in mind what I would wish to wear” declares Houman. “The options for men have been recently minimal. I would like to offer men a way to express their selves in a stylish and luxury fashion, lifting the men’s jewelry, men’s ring, men’s bracelet genre to an unmatched level.

Houman is known for always pressing the restrictions and challenging the standard. Now residing in southern, California, Houman’s love is actually simple and infectious as he explains the elegance associated with his most recent creation, LUZ. “Put simply, my instincts says there is hardly anything else available like this. LUZ cannot be denied”.

Ménage à trois between Kat Von D, Luz & Tattoos.


Much like LUZ, every line and curve of a tattoo is placed just so, to convey a meaning and story. Throughout the ages it has symbolized inclusion into a group, spoken messages deciphered by those with the code and in the “know”: It could mean a mark of royalty for King George V or a symbol of achievement for Japanese gang members in 10000 B.C. For individuals today, it is a way of letting people know what they stand for, what they love and equally what they hate.


Kat Von D a modern day outcast and pioneer, her tattoos are visible to the outside world, but the true meaning and relevance is disclosed only to a select few. She is the scribe who takes the minutes of other people’s lives, telling their stories through pictures. Her body is an encyclopedia of her life’s experiences depicted through tattoos.

The intricacy and hidden meaning of LUZ suits Kat’s sensibilities. Speaking in volumes when worn, every line whispers a secret. The complex nature of emotions is expressed through the intricate form of LUZ. The meaning of LUZ is something which grows with you, that you carry and reinterpret over time.

Source: Gasoline Magazine featuring Kat Von D accessorized in LUZ. Prose, Sura.


Eve Salvail is all Inked up with LUZ

The high priestess of Thebes, Maori tribe, the Yakuza Japanese mafia and Eve Salvail are all inextricably bound together by the same line of expression. In 3300 B.C, a mummie named Otzi was discovered with blue dots and symmetrical lines in the lumber region and his ankles. Here we are presented with the ancient birth of tattoos.

The synesthisia of tattoos represents the act of speaking without words. The human canvas beckons the needle. The ink lies waiting to be discovered by a lover or in some cases an anthropologist thousands of years later.

Much like LUZ, every line and curve of a tattoo is placed just so, to convey a meaning and story. Supermodel Eve Salvail sought to shave her head and tattoo the whole of it with a Chinese mafia dragon,  attracting the attention of Jean Paul Gaultier and Japanese mafia alike.

Eve joins the journey of LUZ jewelry – Innately complex, with each line and curve sculpted to express an emotion and meaning. Bold and edgy, the world of rebellion and individual expression isn’t made for everyone. Just the way we like it.

Source: Inked Magazine featuring Eve Salvail, accessorized in LUZ, November 2009. Prose by Sura.

The “LUZ” of my Life

Houman Jewelry Design’s LUZ is more than just a jewellery collection; it has its own emotional range.

HOUMAN OMIDIFAR, on the island of Coronado near San Diego, puts a lot of feeling into his jewellery designs. He describes his latest collection, LUZ, as “a love story set to the cycle of 12 emotions, some dark, such as Breakup and Anger, and others more uplifting, such as Lust, Obsession and Enigma. ” Each piece is designed to reflect the emotion for which it is named. For example, rubies represent passion in this collection; therefore they are set into Enigma, Flirt and Lust. The Anger pieces, on the other hand, incorporate raised surfaces denoting scars. Obsession’s circle of black and white diamonds embodies “the insatiable nature” of this emotion.

Omidifar says his aim as a designer is “to create items that are not typical, but represent pieces of wearable art. There is a story behind each piece and a great deal of passion and love has gone into creating them. They are individually handmade and not mass produced.”

Omidifar was born in Iran, where his father operated a jewellery store, but he has

also lived in the south of France and later in Canada. Certain of his destiny. Omidifar was single-minded in pursuing his passion. He studied jewellery arts at the George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology in Canada, which he believes is the best technical jewellery school in North America. After working briefly for a retailer in Nantucket, Omidifar started his own wholesale business in 1998, quickly earning a reputation for his high level of quality and craftsmanship. During this time, he won an award in a Platinum Guild International design competition.

In 2000 Omidifar relocated his business to San Diego, to affluent Coronado Island, where he opened a design/retail/manufacturing outlet. He designs – using 3D CAD technology – and manufactures on the premises, while clients look on through glass walls. “There are large windows from the retail store, to the design studio, to the production area,” says Houman Jewelry Design marketing manager Sura Al-Naimi.”Every person who arrives at the store is able to see everything happening from the front of the store. People are surprised that everything happens in one location, as so much is made overseas. It adds authenticity to the collection and gives the consumer an experience that they don’t normally get.”

A light at the end of your journey

Omidifar’s latest design is the LUZ black diamond engagement ring, an edgy departure from tradition. A caviar-black diamond presides as the centre stone, complemented by two carats in pave set black diamonds in a three-band combination. Red rubies punctuate the cornerstones. “This black contrasting with light represents the multifaceted nature of love,” says Omidifar. Best of all is the name: LUZ is Spanish for “light.” The LUZ engagement ring then, symbolises the light at the end of the journey as well as the love between two people (or the light returned from the diamonds). The inside of the ring is engraved with: “you are my LUZ” (“You are my light”).

LUZ designs can be made from any desired metal, from sterling silver up to platinum “The range of metals we offer allows us to provide LUZ at different price points,” he says, “The labour, quality, gems and craftsmanship that go into making a silver ring are identical to what go into making a gold or platinum ring. If someone falls in love with LUZ but cannot afford the platinum ring, they can have it in gold instead, or in sterling. We cater to current market conditions.” This combination of unique design and flexible pricing helped LUZ make a distinct impression on buyers at Baselworld in March, where the company exhibited for the first time. “I am confident that there is nothing like LUZ in any jewellery story where it is carried,” says Omidifar.” It does not follow a trend, but rather, is setting a trend. It has its own path and destination.”

Everything happens on-site

Houman Jewelry Design has grown steadily since it was founded, with the current momentum propelled by the LUZ collection. LUZ has quickly become the

boutique’s best seller, gaining a slew of national press coverage, serving as accessories at NewYork and Miami Fashion Week, garnering commissions from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and gracing the hands of A-List celebrities such as Rosario Dawson, Slash, Kidd Rock, Susan Sanderson, Michael J. Fox and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Because of its uniqueness, the LUZ collection is being marketed as a niche product, not just in one market, but in various markets internationally to select retailers, according to Al-Naimi. “Our business is sustainedby creative drive,” says Al-Naimi. “We want to surprise and engage our clients.”The collection can be seen, for example, at Neiman Marcus locations in Las Vegas and Coral Gables.

Next on the drawing board for Houman Jewelry Design is the LUZ watch collection. Stay tuned. [Carol Besler]

Source: World One,  September 2009, By Carol Besler



Sizzlin’ Summer Must-Haves!


Envy Magazine has tagged, the bold and to the point LUZ cross pendant as a sizzlin’ must-have for the summer. Available in Sterling Silver, 18K Gold, Platinum, with black or white diamonds.

Source: Envy Magazine, July 2009


Bill Wu, Wins One-of-a-kind, Luz Targa Trophy Ring

Bill Wu, was the official winner of the Targa Trophy car rally, driving his Lamborghini Murcielago through the challenging roads of southern California. With dozens of car rallies under his belt, including the Bullrun, Gumball 3000, his own reality car show, few were surprised when he came in first place.


It was with pleasure that Houman presented him with the custom-designed, one-of-a-kind,  Luz Targa Trophy ring. The piece is ergonomically designed, fusing together the emblem of Targa, with the craftsmanship aesthetic of Luz. Pave set with a combination of black and white diamonds, the four-sided ring, can be worn in 4 four different ways. Functionality fuses with sophisticated edge.



Date: October 28th, 2008.

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